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According to Section 10 of the Unclaimed Moneys Act 1965, a company/firm is responsible for the following:

  1. Maintain and keep a record of all unclaimed moneys up to the year ended 31 December in the format that has been set by the Registrar.

  2. Lodge the register of the unclaimed moneys together with all the Unclaimed Moneys reported in the register not later than 31 March of the following year.

  3. Submit the register of the unclaimed moneys for publication in the Gazette

Starting on 1st January 2021, company/firm is required to encrypt Register of UMA using WTD Submission Kit.

Link for downloading WTD Submission Kit will be provided upon request to

Guidelines and documents for Unclaimed Moneys submission can be downloaded below:

No. Documents / Guidelines PDF MS Word MS Excel
1 Flow Chart of Unclaimed Moneys Submission For Year 2022 Download
2 Guideline on Submission of Unclaimed Moneys (2022 Edition) Download
3 Form UMA-1 (Pin.1/2020) – Unclaimed Moneys Registration Form Download Download
3.1 How to fill up Form UMA-1 (Pin.1/2020) (2022 Edition) Download
4 Form UMA-4 (Pin.1/2020) – Unclaimed Moneys Submission Form Download Download
4.1 How to fill up Form UMA-4 (Pin.1/2020) Download
5 Register of Unclaimed Moneys (Pin.1/2018) - Excel (2022 Edition) Download
7 Unclaimed Moneys Submission Checklist (2022 Edition) Download Download