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  1. Where is the Unclaimed Moneys Refund Request Form (UMA-7) available?

    The public may obtain a UMA-7 form from the Registrar's office. This form can also be obtained at all state offices of this Department and in most commercial banks. The applicant may download this form from the website for official use.

  2. Does the Registrar charge any charges in processing the claim for unclaimed money?

    No charges apply. The Registrar will reimburse the amount of money received by him without any interest given.

  3. Is the timeframe specified in the application for refunds of unclaimed moneys that have been submitted to the Registrar?

    The time limit is not set out in the Act. Money in the Reserve of the Registrar may be claimed by the person entitled to it at any time in the future.

  4. Can a particular applicant make a claim if the original document showing right over the Unclaimed Moneys is lost ?

    Can. The applicant will need to submit a letter of confirmation from the entity that submitted the said Unclaimed Moneys as supporting document in his / her application.

  5. Can a particular individual make inquiries whether he / she has Unclaimed Moneys in the Registrar’s savings?

    An individual can check their unclaimed moneys at Registrar office counter or JANM state office.
    Parties genuinely having Unclaimed Moneys will be able to provide the information needed.

  6. Does the Registrar appoint agents?

    The Ministry of Finance or Unclaimed Money Registrar have never appointed any individuals/ firms/ companies as an intermediary or agent for the refund of Unclaimed Money.
    Anyone who has Unclaimed Money can apply for a refund directly to the office of the Unclaimed Money Registrar without any charges/ costs incurred.

  7. Where can the claims for the refund of Unclaimed Money (WTD) be submitted?

    All refund applications or any enquiries related to WTD can be submitted to the WTD Registrar at the following address:

    Pendaftar Wang Tak Dituntut
    Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia
    Bahagian Pengurusan Wang Tak Dituntut (BWTD)
    Tingkat 42, Menara Maybank
    100, Jalan Tun Perak
    50050 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel  : 03-2056 8000
    Fax  : 03-2072 5707/ 03-2026 7430